CoStar Real Estate Manager Service Provider Edition Overview

Provide more value to your clients by helping them better manage their real estate portfolios and deliver on their business strategies

As a commercial real estate service provider, you’re managing multiple clients, with multiple locations and hundreds, if not thousands, of leases; complicated by a multitude of client-specific priorities, reports and demands. With CoStar Real Estate Manager™ software, you can offer your clients a best-practice, cloud-based, technology solution that enables them to make confident, insightful real estate decisions based on accurate, complete and current information. Combined with a short implementation time and quick user learning curve, CoStar Real Estate Manager will help you deliver immediate and measurable results that will help you exceed your clients’ expectations.


Learn more about how CoStar Real Estate Manager provides:

Client Benefits

Real estate information management solution designed to meet the real estate needs of your clients:

  • Enable ongoing compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, FASB, and GAAP regulations
  • Leverage real estate portfolio as a strategic asset to meet business goals
  • Make better decisions with visibility into KPIs related to space utilization and business demands
  • Simplify executive, operational, finance and accounting reports
  • Gain a consolidated view of real estate information through integrations with critical business systems
  • Control expansion costs through better transaction and project management
  • Lower operating costs through identification of assets with excessive costs in their markets
  • Reduce risk through improved tracking of critical dates
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