CoStar Real Estate Manager Service Provider Edition Overview

Software and Lease Services Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Service Providers, Transaction Managers, Brokers, Consultants and Corporate Services Teams 

As a commercial real estate service provider you’ve got to be at the top of your game. After all, you’re managing multiple clients, with multiple locations and hundreds of leases, complicated by a multitude of client-specific priorities, reports and demands. Adding to the challenge is the fact that you are continuously on the go and rarely stay attached to your desk for very long. Things couldn't get much more complex or challenging than that.

So, how do you get your arms around your client’s portfolio, lease management, transaction and project requirements? Would a system that meets your entire client’s needs, but also reflects your company’s unique value-added proposition help? Of course, finding such a system that meets both of these goals is almost impossible and the investment required to develop your own system makes that solution equally improbable. Besides, you are a real estate company, not a software company. Well, look no further. CoStar Real Estate Manager™ delivers system-enabled capabilities that add up to immediate and measurable results.

Capabilities include:

With the CoStar Real Estate Manager Service Provider Edition you can offer your clients a leading edge, web-based, technology solution at a very competitive price. Combined with a very short implementation time and quick user learning curve, CoStar Real Estate Manager will help you deliver immediate and measurable results that will make the difference between meeting, versus exceeding, your clients’ expectations.

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